Saturday, August 22, 2009

Windshield panoramas

Can you guess why I called them that? Good thing we've arrived safely! I didn't want to post these until we had arrived safely for my mother's sake! Yes, driving with left hand, clicking with right - I took hundreds of "point and shoot" photos, most of them just clouds, but enough that turned out good enough to make it worth it! No, I didn't take my eyes off the road! This is Kluane Lake (I think) - the one that I said was so blue.

I wasn't driving for this one! LOL! This was in the Yukon - it was so beautiful I insisted we stop!
I just love the fireweed! Actually, there seem to be a number of different types of it - this was purplish, then there is some that is really red.

Remind me to tell ya'll about the motorcycles and this one buffalo with ATTITUDE! These guys were HUGE! I have closer pics, but I loved how this guy just owned the road!

I hope this holds ya'll over until I can post more!


  1. Wow! What gorgeous views! It almost makes one want to hop in the car and drive to Alaska! (I said 'almost'!!! What a LONNNNGGGG trip! Kind of reminiscent of Around the world in 80 days!!!) Soooo glad you're there safe. Hope you're feeling GREAT again!

  2. It might cause you to want to make the trip ONLY as long as you had the time to take your time and enjoy it with NO schedule! Not feeling great yet - mold in this house - but at least I've figured out why so I can try to work around it. We're getting a lot done though so that's good!


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Morning commute