Tuesday, August 25, 2009

All those annoying little details

Yesterday we took the kids to school and got them enrolled, then went into Palmer to start on our "to do" list. We didn't get very far! We went to lunch with my cousin Jeff and wife Luci (the kids were soooooo jealous!) and by the time we were done, it was about time to head back into the hills to meet the kids after school. We actually got a lot of good advice from Jeff and Luci and they mapped out for us some places to go to work on our list so while we didn't get a lot crossed off the list yesterday, they set us up with a great plan to work from today. We went back into Palmer and Wasilla today and got auto insurance, registered the car and truck and got pretty new Alaska license plates ;) got Rodney's driver's license, checked to see if Rodney's handguns had arrived (they had not), had lunch, stopped at the post office AND managed to shop a LOT of items off our shopping list! Not bad for one day now that I type it all out! We still need to go to Anchorage later this week for a few other big items but we already have some good leads on where to go for those too so it ought to go fairly quickly. This isn't exactly fun stuff, but it needs to be done in order to manage the household! I haven't been feeling all that great and finally figured out that there is mold in the house we're staying in so I'll sleep in the camper until we can settle in the other house. Still no phone either so email is probably the best way to stay in contact unless we can call while we are running our errands. Sorry this is so scattered! My thoughts are all over the place lately! I am working on a few more posts down the road starting with one on guard rails... I started working on that one in NY!

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Morning commute

Morning commute