Friday, August 14, 2009


Oksana with Jadin's geckos Trains were everywhere

Antelope in Alberta, Canada
The road from Havre, Montana to Canada
Road work delay in Montana
Badlands in North Dakota
Hay bales in North Dakota
Andrei and Oksana watching videos on the computer
Sorry for the reverse order! I forgot how this worked and it took me a bunch of tries to get it together today!


  1. What BEAUTIFUL pics! How different from the Finger Lakes! I can't get over the MT road construction . . . looks like they're making a NEW road from scratch! None of the surface stuff they're doing in Canandaigua!!
    Thanks for the encouragement from Dr. Jeremiah. It helps to keep me on track! :-)

  2. gorgeous pictures! :) Thinking of you guys often. *hugs*


Morning commute

Morning commute