Wednesday, August 5, 2009


We might possibly be ready to leave by today, but I'm pretty sure we don't care to try it. One thing we learned the other day is NOT to rush and make stupid mistakes, esp when we're so tired to begin with that driving isn't safe. I almost fell asleep a couple times on the road in just an hour the other day! We're shooting to start off Thurs morning as long as everything else goes smoothly. I LOVE Rod VanDaam's attitude when we wrote of the delay, "There is no reason to hurry. We will hold your spot." I was the one who set the travelling time table based on where I wanted us to be and when. I'm learning that my timing isn't necessarily best. Go figure! ;)

We had SO much help over the last few days! We are so fortunate to have so many great friends willing to help out! What a blessing! The outpouring of love and support at church Sunday has continued all week. A friend came and checked and repacked all the wheel bearings in addition to some juggling of tires. I spent all day yesterday re-sorting, tossing, etc. It is actually a rather liberating process. Another friend dropped by WITH BOXES and offered to pack books to ship by media mail. With sorting I think we dropped about 400 lbs! Other friends juggled meals, kids, and other little errands (packing tape). I'm sure I'm missing things from the list. My mind is so shot trying to keep up with it all.

We're definitely sore and tired. I have more bruises on my legs per square inch than would seem humanly possible and I'm pretty sure I sprained my pinky yesterday. Every time I stop moving for a bit my legs cramp up. I can't wait to drive and rest and that says a lot because I don't do well driving! I don 't sit still well! Fortunately we still have phone and internet (I tried to turn it off, but needed to turn in the box to do it, so we still have it!) so I can keep in touch a bit. We're not near the phone much though... Hey, maybe it will reach to the barn. I'll try that.

I can't begin to express how much I appreciate all the prayers and support. There's no way we'd be as far along as we are without it! Andrei is doing fairly well with the stress (a miracle) and my health is holding up surprisingly well (another miracle). We're honestly doing fairly well and keeping pretty good attitudes. Not always every minute, but overall. ;) Well, I'd better get off my behind and get back to work! The computer chair is packed anyway and the cooler I'm sitting on is getting a bit hard! ;)

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  1. You always have a way of putting things that makes me smile! Thanks for sharing your journey with us. We're learning alot along with you!


Morning commute

Morning commute