Friday, August 14, 2009

Ready for the next leg!

This time with my sister has been AWESOME! We definitely needed it! We've been able to eat AWESOME meals, clean up, do laundry, eat, reorganize, spread out, get some sleep, eat, etc. Annette, Harry and Jadin have gone all out (as usual) to keep us well fed. Sergei is pretty sure he is in heaven. All the kids say this is their favorite part of the trip so far. The house we are staying in has a pool table in the basement so they've been having a BLAST playing pool, having raucous tournaments, usually Rodney and Oksana vs Sergei and Andrei. R&O beat S&A 5 times before S&A won and you should have heard them celebrate when they finally did win! You'd have thought they had beaten them every time! That pool table has gotten quite a work out. Their cousin Jadin has done a great job of entertaining the kids too. They all went out to the dam yesterday to check that out and they've been playing games, checking out his chameleon and crested geckos and just hanging out watching videos.

We'll be on the road tomorrow morning with one stop in Carstairs (above Calgary) to visit another friend and then hoping to camp northeast of Edmonton tomorrow night. I don't know how much internet access we'll have up there. We also can't seem to pick up our cell phone voice mails either so appologies to those who are leaving them! We aren't trying to ignore you! Email is more reliable at this point, or it has been at any rate. We're not too sure about that from here on out. We'll try to update this whenever we are able. We've got a book called the Milepost that tells all the gas stations, camping places, dumping stations, and other services along the route we will be taking. It seems to be an excellent reference manual (updated yearly) to the trip. ;) This last half should take 5 or 6 days, we expect, barring any problems. Thanks so much for all your prayers!

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Morning commute

Morning commute