Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Half way!!!

Yeah! We arrived at my sister's house outside of Calgary at about 1:30 this afternoon. Our border crossing went smoothly despite a couple of hairy moments. They were generous though and allowed us to go through with very little hassle. More another day, but I'm too bushed to really get into it now. We're all very tired. Last night's campground was very tight and the temperatures yesterday wore us out in addition to the long days of driving we've had. This is a welcome oasis. The kids already got a taste of Uncle Harry's awesome cooking. We were all hungry enough to do it justice and we were NOT disappointed! Harry is a PHENOMENAL cook! Not sure how much internet access we'll have once we leave here, but we do have it here at my sister's house. They also have a furnished rental house that is empty at the moment so we'll be living in luxury while we're here! We should be well fed and well rested in no time! Can't waste precious moments together with my sister though so I'll save the thoughts for later.

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Morning commute

Morning commute