Saturday, September 26, 2009

Still no word on the appraisal, but I figured a short post was in order at any rate. We didn't move to the cabin today, but might start tomorrow. We'll see how energetic we are after church. I cleaned over there yesterday and today and Rodney has been tearing the roof off that back shed (got through the first roof and found another, so double the work). Sergei was helping yesterday but he was helping Doug Theissen with fencing today so its not quite done yet. Rodney was in town this morning with Nate playing, I mean, working on figuring out the water system for the cabin. I spent the morning working on a letter to send out to peoples. At the rate I'm getting things together, it will still be a while before they're all together and out! Whodda thunk it could take that much work to put something like that together! No wonder I've never been good at Christmas letters! If you think I don't have your address and you'd like a letter, drop me an email!

Nate had a great idea (as usual) about how to move some of the bigger stuff. The boat is really small and we don't really want to wait for ice to move beds across and such, so he thought we ought to take one of the floating docks that the camp uses for the waterfront and put stuff on it and then pull it across with the boat. Smart! It was too windy this morning for that anyway so it was a good day for them to be in town. It did turn into a nice, sunny afternoon, but there wasn't that much time to really get things together by that point. Besides, there was still work and cleaning to do out there.

Ellie did get to go swimming today. Not on purpose. We were getting ready to boat across to the cabin so I had the dogs out on the dock, trying to get them into the boat. Ellie LOVES the boat, but there was a bouy not too far off the end of the dock that caught her attention. She wanted to see what it was and kept leaning farther, and farther, and farther... She wouldn't listen to me and was pulling really hard. I finally gave up and just let her go. She went head first off the dock, under water completely before bobbing up NOT happy with the dunking! I pulled her up on the dock and she went right back after that bouy again! She's not the brightest dog, that's for sure! She HATES the water! I have no idea what she thought was out there off the end of that dock!

Eider on the other hand would deliberatley jump in the water, knowing what would happen. He LOVES the water! He LOVES being out at the cabin because he can pretty much run loose and swim and run to his heart's content. He never goes so far that he doesn't know exactly where you are. We don't always know exactly where he is, but he always knows! He doesn't seem to feel the cold water at all. A little while back when we were measuring the distance across the water (for possible future running of electric) Eider swam all the way over to where Rodney was on the bank opposite me. No problem. He's a swimming machine! Unlike Ellie!

Fortunately for Ellie the cabin was nice and toasty warm when we got there. We'd put some wood in the stove before we left last night at about 6 pm and didn't get back today until about 3 pm. It was still nice and toasty warm! The master bedroom has HUGE windows and catches a lot of light. It was downright hot up there when I was vaccuming today! The apartment we are staying in also has huge windows and Oksana and I sat there for a bit today (her doing homework, me stuffing envelopes) and she complained about how hot it was there! The sun is REALLY strong up here somehow. I haven't figured out what it is but it really cooks you!

I thought I had another thought to post, but it wandered off to greener pastures. This was just supposed to be a short post anyway. It's getting to be bedtime too, so I ought to sign off and go to bed! I did post a few more pictures in the photo site today - link off to the right at the top of the blog. They are the pictures from the day we went down to the river with the Theissens for a cookout. Night all!

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