Friday, September 4, 2009

I finally figured out that I can type things up in notepad and post them later when I can access the internet! Duh! I'm sorting pictures as well and was reminded of the Buffalo/motorcycle story so I decided it is time to tell it!

I can't even remember exactly where we were now, somewhere in the Yukon, but we were driving along through Buffalo territory when we came across this one great big Buffalo with an ATTITUDE! You can see his change in stance from the first picture to the second . Well, maybe you can see it in the pictures. If not, I'll also upload them to the photo website so if you can't see the pics well enough here, look for them there.

You can also see the motorcycles in the pictures. Rodney was driving behind me at that point. The best way to put it was that the Buff wanted to KILL something that day! I was pretty sure I didn't want it to be me! Those motorcyclists were pretty sure they didn't want it to be them either!!! They had slowed down and were watching him closely, scooting off as far to the opposite shoulder as possible. Rodney came along behind me and put the truck and trailer between the Buff and the motorcyles. They went ZIPPING along out of there as soon as they realized what he was doing!!

So on to what's happening now! The house and septic passed inspection, so now we need the survey and abstract updated, buyers need to get financing (sounds like that wasn't going to be much of an issue) and other assorted little details need to be worked through. I think we've passed the hard stuff though! That's quite a load off my mind!

Rodney has started working on projects around camp, plumbing, putting in a door, etc. Mostly winter preparations. Winter really does dominate life at camp. Right now there are preparations for winter. During the winter it is keeping up with winter's damages. In the spring it is dealing with winter's ravages during breakup (spring thaw, where the freeze is actually worse because the ice gets down deeper as the snow thaws), then opening up things again once the thaw is through. Then there is summer, where the camp is full of people pretty much non-stop and the pace of things is pretty much the same.

I've started working on cleaning up and organizing the lower shop as they call it, because it is down the hill from camp. That is the welding, plumbing, gas, electric and "assorted other" shop. It took me pretty much a full day just to get through the plastic plumbing fitting section. That part of the shop is upstairs which is only about 5' tall. Even for a shorty like me it is a challenge to work up there. It will be a long process trying to organize that shop. There's also a small wood shop up in the camp itself, but it is small and in worse shape then the lower shop. There's plenty of work to do just to get things in working condition but meanwhile, there's work that still needs to be done! I can't say it is bad though. It's fun seeing the instant progress and learning about all sorts of new materials that I've never seen in action!

Last night we were invited to share a campfire with Nate and Maggie and their good friends from Kansas, Arvin and Kathy and daughter Becky. We were also joined by Earl the electrician and his wife Elaine who works in the office here at camp. It was an awesome evening of fun, laughter, great food and great company all in the middle of more breath taking scenery! We shared so many jokes and stories that I laughed so much my sides hurt! Oksana has been really homesick but that really helped a lot. She is beginning to see that there will be friends and good times here as there were in NY. They don't take the place of those we love at home, but we expand our list of those we love.

To top it all off, today was a gorgeous sunny day that got up close to 70 degrees and tonight there was a full moon with hardly a cloud in the sky! What a day! The lichens and leaves are changing colors a bit so it was exceptionally pretty. How many times I think it couldn't get more beautiful, and then it does! With the full moon over the lake tonight, it was breath taking! I'm pretty sure you can't get much closer to heaven here on earth!

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