Sunday, September 27, 2009

Naughty Ellie

This one was just too funny to let it sit another day when I might forget! Ellie is quite possibly one of the naughtiest dogs on earth. Really. Some of you who have met her KNOW that this is true. I got tired of not having any spices, but there's no place to go with them in the apartment kitchen so I just brought the tote in and it is sitting in the kitchen on the floor. It is about 2' high, a standard plastic storage tote. This morning I saw her stand on top of that thing and I chased her off it, but I sort of had one of these "zombie" migraines where I was really out of it so I didn't think things through well. This evening we had a dinner with all the camp families and when we came back, one of the first things I saw was a rawhide chew on the floor. That was odd because I rarely give those to the dogs and only when I'm there to supervise in case they choke on them. I had managed to shake off the "zombie" part of the migraine by then and pretty quickly started connecting the sequence of events. Ellie had climbed up on that tote, then onto the COUNTERS to get the rawhide chews out of the container on the counter! If you don't believe me, it might help if I tell you that she regularly climbs up onto the dining room table any time she finds a chair not pushed in completely. Better than when she was younger and could jump from the floor straight up onto the table, but still an annoying habit. There were quite a few rawhide chews missing from the bin. She must have gotten one at a time, went to bury them one at a time, Eider would go get the ones she had buried and she'd go back for another. She never eats them, she just buries them. She (and probably Eider too) DID eat two partial loaves of bread that I'd left on the counter. Come to think of it, I think there was a stick of margarine up there too. No, I'm certain Eider wasn't the ring leader on this job. He's not that bright. He WILL take advantage of her naughty prizes, but he's not smart enough to do the job himself. I have never seen him even attempt to get up on the counter. Ellie on the other hand counter surfs daily. Oh, and Ellie had knocked over a chair and pulled the cover off the couch - most likely while she was trying to bury her rawhides. She gets rather persistent and naughty in her "burying" phase. Anyone want a Basset? Cute sad eyes, great with kids... Ok, I've about run out of the list of good traits.

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