Tuesday, September 29, 2009


We did the bulk of our moving yesterday! Nate had the great idea (as usual) to take one of the camp's floating docks (normally used in their swimming area) to float our "stuff" over to the cabin. It worked great! They tied the dock to the front of the boat and pushed it across the lake. Very slowly. It would have taken us TONS more time though if we had tried to haul it all over one trip at a time with just the boat! It looked like some sort of bizarre cross between Tom Sawyer and the Beverly Hillbillies! I was sitting in one of the rocking chairs on the way across the lake! I wonder if Nate planned that, just for a good laugh? Hahaha!!! It worked! We joked about it the whole way across and Nate did bring the camera along... Andrei thought he should have brought cards to play while we crossed. It did take a while!

We went to Kingdom Air in the morning to scope out a plumbing job that Rodney is going to do for them. That short job took pretty much all morning with all the chatting that happens on any excursion like that. Then we packed after lunch and were ready to haul a load by the time the kids got home from school JUST in time to help with the heavy loading and unloading! Nate's wife Maggie made a SPECTACULAR dinner for us on a moment's notice (how does she DO that???) and then we went back and took over another load. I rode in the trailer holding onto lamps while we took the camper's load down to the dock. I gained a new appreciation for what our furniture went through on the ride up here! It's amazing everything made it here in one piece!

The last trip across the lake was AWESOME!!!! It was a beautiful clear night and the moon is almost full! GORGEOUS! It was getting dark when we set out but we could still see a moose eating on the edge of the lake. I wonder what it thought about our strange procession! The mountains were just shadows with the moon and a few stars hovering over them when we came back. It was very peaceful and awe-inspiring! I'll try to get the camera out there on a nice clear night over the next few days. I'm not sure if I'll be able to capture it, but I'll give it a shot! That's about it for the moment. We should even be able to sleep out there tonight! Yeah!!!

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Morning commute

Morning commute