Thursday, November 5, 2009

Really quick one! Honest!

Those of you who REALLY know Sergei will appreciate this! He has changed so much it is truly amazing! Sunday afternoon Rodney gave the boys three jobs he wanted done by the end of the week. MONDAY right after school Sergei roused Andrei out there to get to work. They finished the insulation, then Sergei pushed to do the second job (moving plywood inside the "shack" so it would stay dry) and then when Andrei was ready to come in the house, Sergei said he was going to split the wood too! Andrei decided he might as well stack as Sergei was splitting so they got all three jobs done on Monday, mostly because Sergei kept pushing to get it done.

Nate had been promising Sergei that he'd get him the pellet gun that camp keeps around to shoot squirrels that get into the buildings, making quite a mess. He finally found it and got it to Sergei this week so Sergei (after a few lectures on what he could or could not shoot) went out to do some hunting! Sergei trusted with a GUN???? Even if it is a pellet gun, it is still a gun! Well yes, you did read that here! It is true!

Last night Sergei wanted to go play basketball at the gym at camp, a good 15 min jog. Sergei had already been skating for about 2 hours with a friend so it wasn't like he NEEDED more exercise. Rodney let him take the four wheeler all by himself! Really! It happened! And he didn't even crash it!

Last, but certainly not least, Rodney bought Sergei his own chain saw! Honest! No joke! An honest to goodness, cutting chainsaw! It is lighter weight than Rodney's so it will be easier to handle and he'll have to wear the cutting chaps, helmet and goggles, but he's all set to cut! Yeah, SERGEI! Who'd have EVER thought it was possible that he'd turn into a responsible kid?


  1. I would guess Sergei has come in to his own. He has found the environment that he thrives in. I am so glad. Make sure you tell him Grandpa is proud of him.


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