Thursday, November 12, 2009

It is WINTER!!!

So maybe ya'll would think it was already winter here, but without snow, it just didn't feel like it. NOW we have winter! :) Ain't it purty??? :) This is the first really good, big snow for the year. The valley (Palmer/Wasilla) was supposed to have gotten as much as 20" but I haven't heard if they really did or not. We sure didn't. We got just enough to make the ground white.
They plowed our lake yesterday so now we can drive across the lake to get to and from the house. This is the only time of year we can actually drive right to the house! First they went through with the chainsaw testing the ice periodically to make sure there was at least 9" of ice all the way. It just doesn't seem possible to me that there could already be 9" of ice! It has not felt like winter yet! But there must have been enough ice, because here's the proof:
While I was taking pictures, I figured I'd take a few of my little chickadees too :) They are so cute! There are at least 3 in this picture. I've drawn some crude arrows to help you find them. If you double click on the pictures, it will take you to a larger version.
I'm still working on getting over the flu. I got a bit of pneumonia to draw it out even more. Thankfully we were prepared for such an event though this means that I REALLY need to get the insurance figured out now. I think we have the makings of a plan. Now to check the details. We'll probably go with that NY plan which WILL cover hospitalization here, Andrei's psychiatric visits and all medications. Any annual visits we'll do when we are at home for a visit. That just leaves urgent care stuff which we'll just have to cover out of pocket and then submit to the insurance company and hope to get at least some of it back. Anyway, I suppose I ought to get to work a bit and try to catch up from being sick for more than a week! Rodney did bring the truck over for me this morning since I'm still not feeling well enough to take the ATV. It will be good to get out for a bit today!


  1. OK, the truck with plow is turning right from your house. I would like to see the rest of the path across the lake just so I can orient myself as to your relation to the camp.
    Great pictures. What time of day was the one taken with the truck headlights on.

  2. I've had a bit of a time orienting myself! Maybe I'll have to get out a few maps and draw it out and scan it one of these days! There's really no way to show the whole path all at once. If you look at the first picture, there's a peninsula crossing the lake. The main part of the camp is pretty much straight ahead from there. The waterfront is straight ahead to the right in that picture. Where we dock the boat and drive the truck across is over the peninsula to the left. Camp is so big it owns almost all the way around this lake and I'm pretty sure it owns all of the other lake. But then ranch camp is sort of up behind us. They will use our ATV trail for trail rides next summer to avoid going on the main roads. The picture was taken late afternoon - maybe 5? It was pretty dark all day while it snowed. Right now it is 3 pm and still sunny as can be. My understanding is that when we have the least light, it gets dark around 4 pm.


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Morning commute