Saturday, June 16, 2012

Spring and Andrei's graduation

So I've done it again!  I've left blogging too long and now I have too much to catch up again.  I'm afraid you're going to be stuck with another blog just full of pictures.  I'll do it in stages again so that I don't overload the system!  Besides, breaking it up allows each kid to have their own "graduation post".  First, a couple of pictures of the tail end of the snow at the end of April.  

Poor Eider is really missing his own air conditioning unit!

Just when we thought we were done with snow, we had a nice little dusting in early May!  Pretty!

It cleared up in time for Andrei's graduation.  He wanted a farm themed cake, so that is what he got!

This is the guy's senior project.

Glacierview had two graduates this year.  There are MANY advantages to such a small school, but one of the disadvantages of only two graduates is that they both had to give speeches!  Neither one was too excited about that, but Trayton was quite happy to be done with it!

So was Andrei!

The end!

Andrei left for NY the night after graduation and came back just in time to start camp.  He plans to go to Frontier School of the Bible in Wyoming this fall.

Someone wasn't very quick on the "funny face" picture!  Or maybe that is my funny face!

The ice on the lake was really thinning out by that point!

Pretty rocks that I'm planning on using for a project but you'll have to wait to see what it is!

I love dandelions!  They are so sunny and cheerful!  Good thing I got a picture that day because the moose came and ate them the very next day.

There is always a year end picnic at the school on the last day of school.  This year they had an ambulance, a State Trooper and a fire crew there.  Sergei and Jenny had both passed their ETT (Emergency Trauma Technician) training so they were practicing on some of the school kids.  It seems like it wasn't that long ago that Sergei was one of the kids climbing around the ambulance with wide eyes!  Then again, I guess he still is!

Pretty spring windflower!

 The ice at the river started to turn to crystals.  It's not that safe to walk or ride on any more at this point!

I thought there might be a bear up the tree, but it was just a porcupine.

I just thought the motorcycle parking was cute!  The time between riding the smaller one and the larger goes so quickly!

I'm pretty sure this is the momma moose that ate the dandelions!  You can see her twins on the other side of the slide.

And one final picture of Ellie the neurotic.  I have no idea why the floor was considered more comfortable than the seat!

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