Monday, June 18, 2012

Spring to summer in one post

As is usual here, spring came and went before we knew it.  One minute the snow was melting and the next minute it was replaced by flowers.  A sure sign of spring or early summer is the sheep coming down to have their young.  They are pretty easy to spot with the bright white against the hills. 

Things green up incredibly quickly!  The difference in pictures is just a few weeks apart.  The critters sure enjoy all the greenery too.  I always get a kick out of seeing Rick take his horses out for a ride.  "Momma" horse just tags along behind her "baby" who is bigger than her!

Rodney has been cutting down trees for a driveway.  Heavy equipment is coming this week to start moving things around.  The view from the road is not quite as impressive

as the view from the top of the first stretch of driveway.

I think the glacier is particularly gorgeous this year!

And so are the flowers!  I just love the variety of flowers!  This isn't a native variety, but it sure is pretty.

And we get plenty of dandelions, which are one of my favorites.  Seriously, how can such cheerful flowers not be considered beautiful?

There are some that I just can't remember and I don't have my wildflower book handy to look them up.  I think this is Sandwort.

And I think this one is called Jacob's Ladder.

But I do remember that these are Lady's Slippers.

And I can't forget the lupines!  We get so many lupines!

And then there's the other flower, that stinky Ellie Belle.  Seriously, this dog is spoiled!  She can't be bothered to come in for dinner, she expects it brought to her highniness!  Note that she has her boobah with her.  No one is allowed to touch the boobah.  Not that anyone wants to.  It has been left out in the rain a few too many times so it is a bit rancid.

Jake Klapak found a great patch of morel mushrooms and shared a few with me and I immediately became addicted.  We went out morel hunting and found enough for a few meals.  Now Rodney is trying to figure out if he can create some space that they might like to thrive.  Seriously yummy stuff right there!!!

But most importantly, spring and summer bring camp and campers.  I'm working part time at the desk in camp this summer and really enjoying getting to know the counselors a bit.  It's crazy busy at times, but so much fun to get to see what goes on and be able to be part of that.  We've had a lot of rain the first few weeks of camp, so sunshine the last few days has been so welcome!  I snapped this picture yesterday evening after a short shower moved out and brought in some glorious sunshine.  This picture sort of feels like my life right now - blessed with God's promises!


  1. Great blog! It was almost like experiencing spring; almost a non event here.

  2. Beautiful photos, Daphne!

  3. Love the last picture especially.


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