Sunday, April 22, 2012


Wow!  It's been so long since I posted that blogger has gone to a whole new format and I've had to learn how to post all over again!  That's pathetic!  We'll see how this goes!  I'm so far behind that I'm just going to upload photos from a month at a time and try to organize myself that way (not to mention that when I tried to upload all the photos in one post blogger had a conniption!  So here are January pictures - tons of snow and you can't see it, but it was as cold as all get out too!  People said it was a classic old time winter.  Anchorage and Palmer set snow records, thankfully.  Why get all that snow and not set a record?  I don't think anyone keeps track out here!  But it certainly was gorgeous!

You can get some good things at Walmart!  :)

Not that you can see, but Andrei is in the back and Todd and Becca are in front.  The cloud in the second picture is the horse's breath! 

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Morning commute

Morning commute