Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Boy have I been slacking in the writing department! I've had some busy weeks so I hope ya'll will forgive me. I know what I'll do. I'll post some pictures AND video. THAT will make them all happy! ;)

Spring is coming with a vengeance and we're fast melting off! I know they said it would happen fast, but even I didn't realize HOW fast that would be! I know some of you southerners won't believe me, but we've had some WARM weather! It was 50 degrees yesterday, 40 today. That might not seem warm to ya'll but the Basset doesn't lie! When it is 50 here, it is WARM!!! That's her high-nee-ness sunbabing below.

I'm going to miss my ice road! Locals tell us we can probably drive on the ice for a couple more weeks but I'm not a local. There's almost a foot of water OVER the ice from run-off and the ice is clear under that water. It's freaky! Then there are patches where the ice is GONE where springs run down the hills, like right near our generator shed:

And here is a picture of the water, I mean, ice road tonight. Eider was sooooo worried about his mummy! He kept coming back to see if I was ok. It gets deeper a bit further out from here - well over a foot, but some woos wouldn't go that far to see it. That would be me if there was any question. ;)

Speaking of our generator shed... The new inverter is IN!!! And it works GREAT! It wasn't so great the way it had to go in (someone left a hair straightener on which sucked the batteries down so low that the old inverter switched completely off and would NOT come back on - discovered after we came home late in the evening of course which meant battling with it late at night and then spending an entire "day off" working on it) but it works soooooo much better than the old one! Our voltage is sooooooo rock steady now! The only problem is that we can't tell when we have to charge so readily now! We've been on the phone with Alaska Battery again though and think we'll probably add some solar panels soon (yes, solar - our greatest need is Feb, March, April and we have TONS of sun now!) and also add a gauge in the house that will tell us how the batteries are doing.

We recently were able to get on the "Road Kill" list where the State Police will call you if they have a road killed moose that needs to be removed. Our team (between the size of a moose and the fact that they will call day or night you really do want a team) got a yearling that had gotten caught in a fence right near Victory. We're pretty certain that it is the one that hung around the horses eating hay with its mom since that one seems to be missing now. At any rate, between the age and good food, it is pretty yummy, tender eating! Rodney, Nate, and Crystal and Jared Thiessen went and retrieved it and then gutted and quartered it. A few days later Crystal, Maggie Regier and I got together to cut it up. We kept a few steaks but ground most of it into burger. The work went quickly with three of us cutting. Jared ran the grinder so really, we had four people working. It makes the job more fun to do it with friends! Below is our local moose (not the one in our freezer) who visits fairly regularly.

And lastly, just some scenic pictures of "our" mountain. Really, it is there! You may need to double click on the picture to go to the larger version to see it, but it is there in the clouds! I LOVE how many different "looks" our mountain has! It is different every time we see it. Sometimes it is bright, luminous and inviting. Other times it is obscure, inexplicable, and unfathomable. Then again, it can be dynamic, commanding and steadfast! That is how the mountains appear when I wake up and see them in the middle of the night or at twilight (my favorite) when they follow me home from town. They seem to stand out emphatically! against the darkening sky, encouraging me onward, familiar, faithful, ageless guardians! :) Yeah, I love "my" mountains!

This morning - pink in the sleepy sun

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