Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I forgot!

I told you that I had videos and then I forgot to post them! This past Saturday Oksana performed with the Matanuska-Susitna orchestra. She'd been practicing on Tuesday evenings for more than a month and then a few Saturdays as well in preparation for this week which is part of why I've been so tired. I could see my cousin's daughter Nicole from where we sat but Oksana and the gal next to her were too far back to see. The orchestra is normally about 30 adults but a number of the normal players were not able to play with the kids (including Oksana's teacher who was sick). The teacher later said she would have liked her to sit closer to where she could be seen but again, she wasn't really up to managing that at the time. The newspaper article below gives more details:

I got some video of the concert, but foolishly forgot to bring another card for the camera so I pretty quickly filled it up. I did bring a digital recorder and got most of the concert on that. I forgot to turn on the mic though so I missed a number of songs at the beginning! Yeah, I'm a goof! They started with easy songs and progressively got more difficult with less students playing as they went along. Oksana played all but one song in the final set. She had played it a number of times in rehearsal, but just didn't feel comfortable enough with it to play it during the concert. I took the audio files and put some of her pictures to them to make videos because I had no idea how to post audio files only. I can supposedly upload them to Blogger, but I've already got them on Youtube so I'll just post the links.

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Morning commute