Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mostly BOW pics, plus a few others

This is from the night the teens were here for dessert for the progressive supper. L to R are Natalie, Jesse Lee, Trayton Cohen, Christopher Martin, Sergei and Robert VanDaam. At one point Alaura Sherrer and Andrei were also on the couch, but that picture didn't turn out too well.
The redpolls are eating us out of house and home. I fill the feeders and they can empty them in a day. Other pictures had more birds, but this one had the most actually flying. Those things are crazy!
This is the end of our driveway today. The snow pile is getting pretty high. We used to have a two lane driveway, but there has been so much snow and with the one truck not working, they haven't gotten out here to plow it out wider yet. They'll need the BIG tractor to do that.

The snow machines are in for BOW! Rodney is drooling.

And another trailer load:

The BIG snow removal tractor with Doug Theissen at the wheel:

Skis set up for the weekend:

Rodney's ice sculpture. I love the blue of the water! That is how it looks when it comes off the glacier.
There's so much snow that it pushes down the ice on the lake, making the water from the springs flow over the ice. Sergei got quite stuck in the overflow. Jesse came to help him dig out. Pull, Sergei!

It worked! Thanks, Jesse! I think the machine is now up at the Lee's shop to thaw.

So there's the start of our busy week! I did get a copy of the schedule so I can give you a quick rundown of the classes. As they appear on the schedule: Firearm safety, big game hunting, wildlife tracking, archery, ice fishing, fly fishing, pond to pan (I really want to go to that one!), Dutch oven gourmet, winter gear, skijoring, dog mushing, snow machining (I told ya'll that's what they call it here!), staying safe in bear country, field dressing, trapping, spin fishing, smoking, pickling and gravlox, winter survival, snowshoeing, intro to shotgun, firearms for bear defense, skinning & hide prep, Alaska seafood, cross country skiing, rifle markswoman, skin sewing, spin fishing, pike palooza (not quite self explanatory - no course description though), pulk sled building AND GPS. So there you have it! Can't wait to try out some of the courses! :) Mark your calendars for next year and come on out and join us!!!


  1. Daphne, I want to come up and take ALL of these classes!!!! It sounds like so much fun and so much of it would be incredibly useful!

  2. I thought of you immediately when I saw they had a skijoring class, Lindsay! Come on out next year! ;) Shoot, you could teach it!

  3. I very seriously just might come out!!

  4. Where do I sign up. There is no way I would be able to decide on what to take. I would love to take them ALL!!!!!!!


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Morning commute