Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Piles more pictures!

So interestingly enough, that last post was dated the day I started writing, not the day I actually posted it. It was actually posted today and I'm ahead of myself on pictures. I'm posting tonight, not tomorrow! Here is Rodney working on the plumbing for the new water system. Easier to do it on the table than in the pit. Warmer too. ;)

The entrance to the pit:

Working in the pit:

Eider and Ellie are a constant source of goofy entertainment:


The Matanuska glacier which is growing. People have been known to snowshoe and/or snow machine down to Valdez following that glacier the whole way. Granted, most of them have gotten smart enough to stop after they lose a few snow machines.

Closer view of the glacier. LOVE that blue! The river water is the same color.

I think this is Amulet, the same mountain we see out our front windows, of which I take the most photos. Today Oksana and I at one point exclaimed "Wow!!!" at the same time. Granted it was one of those days that elicited a ton of wows.

Dashboard photography. I couldn't roll down the window. It was iced up.

In Palmer on the way to Oksana's violin lesson:

These flats run along the Matanuska river (comes off the glacier). That area gets very little wind and the frost just accumulates. This is the frost on one twig. No, it didn't feel cold there (o) because there was no wind.

The girl-child:

Those poor trees are bowed down with frost. It sure is pretty though!

Violin lessons - warming up and tuning up:


Potatoes from my cousin Jeff at New Year's. Aren't they festive!?

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  1. It's soooo good to see Oksana and Rodney . . . they both look sooooo happy! The scenery still blows me away. God's creativity seems to have exploded up there! Of course, I haven't looked too hard for it here lately. But, it was very sunny yesterday and it is today, too, so that's a big plus in my book! Miss you guys!



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