Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year!

We had a fairly busy week with New Year celebrations. We went to someone's house for New Year's Eve. Just when you think you've seen pretty views, you come across even more! They have a picture window facing a gorgeous mountain but then when you looked out other windows, there were even more pretty views in other directions! Quite amazing! They are way up on a hill so they have an AWESOME sledding run! The kids were out there for hours trying out all facets of that hill.

Then on New Year's Day my cousin Jeff and his wife Luci and their daughter Katy came out from Palmer to visit with us for the day. Their other daughter Nichole was out at a friend's cabin 1 1/2 hrs by snow mobile off the main road. The kids and Rodney and I had to work the next day though so we couldn't adjust the date. We ate way too much, talked each other's ears off and had a blast! We made olliebollen, a traditional Dutch New Year's treat. It is essentially fried dough, but when you make them fresh and roll them in powdered sugar... Yummmmmm!

I've been on the sewing brigade the last few days making more quilted curtains, table cloths and runners, making dog beds (yet again) and doing a few odd sewing fix-it jobs. The kids are back to school after a two week break and the homework is piling on right away! What fun! Andrei hopes to start volleyball this week if they can get enough boys to sign up. Rodney plowed the ATV trail today so that when we need it in the spring we'll be able to get through. That's about all the news at this point. I think our LED lights might be here. Nate and Maggie were planning to stop at the post office today to pick up a package that is there. Rodney and Nate think they have all the parts they need to finish up the plumbing for our alternate water supply/utility room so hopefully they'll get that done this week. Our spring acts like it might freeze up soon so we'd like to get that ready and on-line ASAP.

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