Saturday, January 9, 2010

Mr. Sunbeam

It's official! Mr. Sunbeam has officially made his return AND not just upstairs, he is DOWNSTAIRS too! He's been shining right on my wall all week!!! :) Reminds me of one of my favorite songs as a kid. "Jesus Wants Me For a Sunbeam." Funny how some songs just stick with you. Anyone else remember that one?

We've made some great progress this week. The backup water system is mostly installed now. Rodney is just working on a few finishing touches. The spring is still producing water for which we are VERY thankful since the backup isn't quite ready! I'm still working on quilted curtains and other projects. I made two table cloths and a runner as well as two more dog beds in addition to finishing the biggest window quilt yet this week. I'm not sure what else I made but it seems like that sewing machine is almost constantly running!

All of the camp staff that was gone over the holidays has now returned so things are getting back into a normal routine. Rod will be traveling to Oregon later this month to scope out housing and then Nate and Maggie will be going for a month to visit their home church and family. I believe this is the first extended visit home since 2006. Earl will be back a week after they leave so Rodney will have some help keeping up with everything. He is a bit nervous about being on his own that week though. There is still so much to learn about keeping everything up and running!

We have a love-sick moose in the house. Well, technically it is Andrei learning how to play the saxophone, but so far it just sounds like a love-sick moose ;) He's wanted to try it out for quite a while now and was allowed to borrow one from the school so this is his big chance to try it! No more peace for us! Too bad moose season is over! ;)

We had a couple of weeks of mild weather (20 degrees each day) but now we're back to 0-ish. The last few days have also been incredibly windy (something that almost never happens here) so it has been COLD! Oksana and I went to her violin lesson today and went shopping. We literally almost got blown away in the parking lot of one place! The nice thing was that there weren't many people on the roads! :) Apparently a tractor trailer got blown over yesterday so you KNOW it was bad! We REALLY appreciated the meaning of wind chill today! Yikes! We were glad to be home where it was just breezy compared to the WILD wind near the river and in town! I have a pile of pictures though so I'll try to post them tomorrow!

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