Saturday, October 16, 2010

Travelers and Volleyball

Just a quick update to say that we've gotten word that Nate and Maggie have passed through Canada and are in Washington (the State, not the District) visiting Nate's sister and Joyce from camp. Marlin, Ryan and Annie should be meeting up in Minneapolis tonight and driving on from there together. I'm not sure if they plan to be here ON the 20th or BY the 20th. At any rate, they'll be pushing pretty hard to get here.

Andrei had his first volleyball game of the season last night against the community team. The team has 6 guys and 3 girls. They MUST play 3 girls at all times so the girls never get a break from playing. That's how the guys team was last year so they certainly appreciate how that feels! The guys had enough players last night to field 2 guy teams, so Andrei, Robert and Carlen played the first, third and fifth games and the other guys played the second and fourth games. I don't think they'll play like that in their regular tournaments, but this was good practice for them playing as a team. They were pretty balanced teams and ended up in the first game playing to 30 in order to win by 2 points (a normal game is to 25). Their third game was similarly close, but they were able to get a significant lead on the last game. I think they wore down the community team by that point. The second guy's team wasn't quite as strong with one brand new player. He's not eligible to play this year (8th grade) but he's got a lot of potential so they're playing him when they can to give him experience. They had a great time though and have their first tournament down on the Kenai this coming weekend. Rodney is thinking of going down for that game since we have a rare weekend without a group in camp. Additionally, Earl and Elaine will be leaving in a few more weeks which will make it tough for Rodney to get away later.

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Morning commute