Sunday, June 13, 2010

Home again!

There's so much to post that I don't even know where to start. I have a pile of pictures though so I'll try to tell the story with those. We got home safely and jumped right into life with teenagers. The flights went as well as could be expected. There wasn't a lot of sleep coming or going and some loooooooong days! I got some pretty pictures of the mountains in the sunset at the airport (right around midnight when the sun was just going down):

Then the moon rose over the mountains on the other side of the airport:

Doug Vittum found a pontoon boat for us, then Ron Davis coordinated a demolition team to make it fit into our trailer. My parents and I started the job by removing the top stuff, but Tim King, Mike McDonough, Ted Harvey, Don McAnn, Frank Fee, and of course Ron tore the remaining parts down to make it fit into the trailer. My parents came to help pack everything into the trailer the next day. It worked! And it wasn't as bad a job as I had anticipated once the boat was in manageable pieces. Let's just hope we can put it back together into something that floats!

New motorcycle to replace the wild one. Doug found this too. It goes as slow as I walk! :)

Remember how we talked about Long Lake and how the rocks come off the side hill and then they plow them over the other side? Well, here's one of those rocks that came off the hill that hasn't been removed yet.

And a gorgeous view down Long Lake:

Today was gorgeous so Rodney and I took an ATV ride all over camp this afternoon. The flowers are just exploding all over camp! I got some great flower pictures as well as panorama pictures. This is from inspiration point where the camp founder used to often go to pray while looking out over the camp.

Inspiration point panorama:

Moose damage:
Another view of camp looking back at Victory peak, the rock glacier below and camp below that.

Panoramas from Teepee Ridge looking south to the river:

Camp starts tomorrow so things ought to get REALLY crazy now!


  1. Hey, what no posting on your time in NY? Are you becoming an Alaska elitist?

  2. Not much to say about NY other than that I drove around like crazy picking up things, visiting people, packing a trailer and dying of the heat and humidity! ;) Actually, I do have a bit more to say but was too tired that day to figure it out. I need to get my head together and try again!


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