Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Back to NY

This REALLY will be a quick one since I'm heading back to NY tomorrow and I have way too much stuff to do. My mom got to fly with Duane King this morning and had a BLAST! She couldn't say enough good about that flight! She got to see some really cool stuff in the pictures I saw so it sounds like a perfect way to wrap up their visit! We also got to go to Sheep Mountain on Sunday and saw all sorts of sheep along the way. Here's a panorama of the Sheep Mountain area:

"Our" mountain in the evening light:

Lion's Head:

Sheep mommies with their babies:

The garden area so far - we still need to go another layer higher with fencing to keep out moose and then the south side will have fish netting (thanks, Brian and Lori Lee!)

Ellie got too hot while we were working on the garden. It DOES get hot up here, especially when you are out in the sun! I'd REALLY appreciate prayer while we are in NY! It is HOT right now - like 90 hot! I will be MISERABLE if it stays that hot! I'll be miserable if it is 80 but... Yeah.

Dad on my motorcycle. Still don't have a picture of me on it yet. He's better on it than I am!

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Morning commute

Morning commute