Sunday, April 11, 2010


Today was the annual sledding bash at Gunsight, a gravel pit up the road a bit past Sheep Mountain. I figured the best way to show what went on was with some video and pictures. They tell the story better than I can.

The first vehicles arrive:
Ben Gerwig unloads the first of their machines:

Joe Gerwig the next:

The Roubs came well prepared with machine, grill, firewood, chairs, table, food, etc. Their "camp" was the center of activity for the day. The trailer even had a barrel stove in it in case people got cold. It was a mild day though so only those who didn't wear proper clothing got cold.

Oksana and Katie Regier "before" sledding:

Chuck Gerwig hauling a small load of kids up the hill. Some went part way up, other brave ones went the full mile to the very top. Randall Thiessen enjoyed just riding up and down on the snow machine in front of someone.
This video gives a decent overview of the sledding. This is a long-ish video. The others are pretty short. It was hard to get video and pictures because the sun was right over the hill. I could hardly see anything on the screen of the camera because of the sun so it was basically just pointing the camera in the direction of the activity.

The next shows Sergei, Robert VanDaam and Jenny Lee as they come to the bottom of the run.

Then Andrei, Katie and Alaura Sherrer as they get to the bottom. Andrei, Mr. "I Don't Want to go Sledding" actually ended up sledding all day. Katie made him promise to go with her, then Jenny, Miranda... Pretty soon he was asking others to go down with him! He complains that I was laughing too much. It was hilarious. Sorry!

Then finally Rodney decided to go too:

The video of him coming to the bottom was just like any other, but I did get pictures:

Just a few more pictures to just fill out the story. Sergei, Ben and Trayton Cohen chatting by the fire:
Jenny was a little covered in snow:

Sergei wasn't wearing long johns, so he soaked through to the skin. This picture didn't come through well. He was literally steaming standing there by the fire. He ended up wearing an extra pair of pants that I had brought.

I'll finish up with a few pictures of our trail at home. Despite the fact that it looks like there is a lot of snow (and there still is) it is melting quickly. My machine tonight before we went across the lake:
The ATV/snow machine trail in winter:The hill that leads down to our house. This was taken a few days ago. Today that hill is mostly mud.
The view from the overlook.

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  1. I am so jealous Daphne!! It looks like you guys have the best time up there!


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