Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Glacier hike

Today was a glorious spring day with dazzling sunshine and temperatures right up around 60 degrees. Yesterday was more of the same. The snow is rapidly losing ground (literally) under the intensity of the sun. I know, you can't believe that it could be intense in ALASKA, but trust me, it is! 60 degrees in the Alaskan sun is downright toasty!

School groups are here in camp for their "Outdoor Education" trips. Camp offers trips to fossil beds and the Matanuska glacier so today Matt Sherrer took Brian Wilbert, Aaron Meeuwsen and I down to the glacier to check it out and to teach Brian how to do the trips. Despite the great melt-off we've had this week, it still wasn't quite enough to make it possible to get to the glacier. There's just too much snow and mud to get there safely. Snow is a problem because you need to be able to see holes and crevasses in the ice so that you don't fall through them (they could go down hundreds of feet). Mud is a problem because it is glacier silt which is more like quicksand than your garden variety mud. I was glad I brought my sun hat and sun glasses. It was blinding! I LOVE the blue of the glacier! The water that settles in puddles coming off the glacier is blue too. Beautiful!

Little Miss Naughty Pants has been at it again. There is a small stand of pines in the front yard and Ellie chased her pet squirrel up there today. She stood out there for hours yelling at it and trying to get it to come down and play! Poor Eider could NOT figure out what all the noise was about! If she had access to a ladder I have no doubt that she would be climbing right up that tree! When the weather is nice (which is most of the time now) she spends almost all day outside keeping the house safe from squirrels and the like. Good thing Ellie is on duty keeping us all safe! I'm sure the world would fall apart if she didn't keep watch!

Here's the lake today - it doesn't look all that safe for driving now, does it? Or walking for that matter!
I made reservations to go back to NY in about a month. My mom and dad will arrive for a visit in about a week and then we'll follow them back. We'll be in NY over the Memorial Day weekend, hang out for a week or so, see lots of people, go to the doctor (we have only emergency medical coverage out here unless we want to pay for it ourselves) and basically do a lot of visiting. We also bought another trailer (car hauler) to haul the rest of our stuff up here so I need to fill that while we are there. We're still not certain who will drive it up yet. We've had a couple offers so we just need to see what comes together.

As I said in the last post, things are going to get crazy from here on out. I doubt I'll manage to keep up with regular posts very soon. I've been shooting for weekly posts up until now, but we'll see how things go before I set a "summer" goal! I'd better start some sort of list somewhere or I'll forget what has happened! We've already gotten the first camp "summer" schedule and it's looking pretty crazy. Maybe I'll just hang onto those to remind myself of where we've been! :)

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