Monday, July 20, 2009

And a trailer!

It isn't that nothing has been happening that I haven't blogged. It's just that life has been so crazy plus I've been so sick with this cold that turned first into a sinus infection, then also ended up with an ear infection plus pneumonia. I've had the cold for three weeks now and it is still going strong. I ended up back on prednisone too and then didn't sleep for about a week because of that. I FINALLY got a decent night's sleep last night for the first time in a week! Yeah!

The biggest thing that happened since the last post is that we did buy a trailer. Rodney's parents will be bringing the truck down from Vermont this week and then Rodney will go on Thursday to pick up the trailer. It is a 28' 2002 Campmaster "toy box" which means it has camping quarters in the front (12') and 16' of packing space in the rear. Here's a link to one online that is similar: It is a very nice setup so we should be able to camp comfortably.

There are still many details to work out, including getting an actual signed offer on paper for the sale of the house. We were FINALLY able to round up the septic inspector and contractor last week to discuss the system and what might need to be done. It turned out much more positive than we had expected. There are some minor changes that will need to be made and it might not look so great once they dig it up and look, but since it has worked well for all the years we've been here, they expect that it will pass with no problems. If it doesn't, the fix doesn't look nearly as daunting as an earlier contractor had told us.

I still haven't managed to bring myself to deal with Woo so that is a huge prayer request. I'm afraid I'll fall apart once I do that and I just can't afford to expend that energy but it does need to happen soon. There are still a million details to work though, primarily getting rid of 20 years of "stuff" but things are moving along. The cows all went on Saturday and most of the birds are gone now too. The cows all went together so that was very nice. Anyway, thanks for praying and I'll try to do a better job of updating from here on out!

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Morning commute