Sunday, October 9, 2011

New babies, new property and all that bologna

When I left off on the last post, Heather's baby had not yet been born. She has since arrived and all three ladies got together at Nicole's shower for some pictures. Introducing Chelsea with Raylee, Nicole with Mason and Heather with Bethany, three little beautiful blessings!

I finally got around to booking flights to NY for Rodney, Oksana and I. We will be in NY from October 22 through November 14 and are looking forward to a lot of visiting! The boys will be staying here with friends and keeping busy with volleyball. Unfortunately we will miss much of the volleyball season. Before we leave, Sergei wanted his hair cut so I set about doing that last night. About half way through he decided that he wasn't impressed with how far back his forehead went. He expects me to work miracles, but there's just so much that a mere hair butcher can do. He finally chose to embrace his increasing forehead! After I cut off as much as I could with the clippers, Rodney set to work with the razor.

The end result does take a little getting used to.

Rodney was originally just going to make some moose jerky and a little sausage from what we had left of the moose meat but once he got going, he ended up doing all sorts of sausage! Here he's stuffing the summer sausage.

Do you think he made enough?

And bratwurst.

And kielbasa.

We did close on the property. For real! It is 16 acres of vacant land, right on the Glenn Highway across from the school. It's hard to get a good feel for the property from pictures, but I'll give it a try. This shows pretty much the whole road frontage from the current driveway up to the signs to the school.

There is a driveway in, but it fairly quickly heads off onto the property next door.

It is quite thick and brushy in spots.

Yet open in other spots.

There should be some lovely views of the glacier once we clear a spot.

And views of Lionshead rock, but it sort of blends into the trees in photos up on the hill.

It looks like we have a number of spots that will have water.

On our way home today we saw a porcupine. He didn't want his picture taken, but I managed to snap a shot as he waddled away. I wasn't really interested in trying to get a closer picture.

No blog post would be complete without a bunch of scenic pictures. The glacier was quite lovely today!

And a view down the valley from the glacier.

The clouds coming in made an interesting twist on the normal beautiful scene.

And a view of Shallow Lake in the waning light.

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  1. Congrats on the property and another fine post.


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