Saturday, September 24, 2011

Fall colors

Oh dear! I'm so far behind that I'm not sure how to begin to catch up! I had a couple of projects that needed to be done so I sort of let the blogging slide and now I'm in BIG trouble! I have literally hundreds of pictures and not enough time to put them all together. I finally just decided to start and put SOMETHING down on digital "paper" and not worry about being disjointed or it will never come together!

Rodney ended up taking Oksana out caribou hunting but they didn't get one. It was raining and cold so they ended up coming home early. They did enjoy some awesome fall colors so I'll share those with you. These were taken on the Denali and Richardson highways.

The pipeline comes down the hill and disappears underground at this point.

I wondered if that was a road running through the picture, but it isn't. It's a stream!

Cold, wet and wanting her own bed to sleep in. Is it time to go home yet?

Another day Rodney and I drove down to Chitina where the guys had gone fishing for red salmon. We stopped along the way quite a few times just to drool over the scenery. There were a bunch of sheep out on Sheep Mountain.

Lake Louise area.

Overlooking Tazlina Glacier.

A fish wheel down in Chitina.

I think this is across from the Eureka Lodge.

Just outside of Chitina.

The beavers had left such a classically posed log that I couldn't not take the shot.

Fireweed turning to "cotton" which means there are about 6 weeks until winter starts. But that was taken a few weeks ago, so we're closer yet!

The yaks on this farm were supposed to be the attraction, but the horse stole the show! He was quite the character!
The pass out of Chitina heading to McCarthy.

Fall colors on the old Edgerton Hwy.

Russian Orthodox cemetery.

The yellows seem to glow!

Tazlina glacier on the way home. The skies had cleared up quite a bit over the course of the day.

Opening weekend of moose season. Tons more campers up on the knoll at the rear.

The new layer of corduroy.

Home, sweet home! What a view! The rest of these are just taken as we were going about our business over the last month. We've been doing a fair amount of driving lately so there were a lot of good opportunities for getting nice shots.

When there is a lot of wind, it whips up the glacial dust on the Matanuska River area. It makes for some interesting driving!

Lion's Head


  1. OK, I hate to tell you, but these were worth the wait. I'm sharing the link.

  2. Glad you enjoyed them, Bill! I have another stack of pictures ready for another post including the project that caused the delay so keep your eyes open!


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