Monday, July 4, 2011

Independence Day and Lion's Head hike

Happy Independence Day! I hope everyone was able to take some time to thank God for the sweet gift of independence that we enjoy here in the USA and to think about the service men and women who have put their lives on the line to secure that freedom.

I never seem to figure out how to load the pictures in order so I'll start with today's activities and work back! Since we don't have any hours of darkness on the 4th, we don't really celebrate with fireworks all that much. Fireworks are usually reserved for the winter. Instead, we launch cars off of cliffs and bowling balls out of cannons. Why? I have no idea other than that maybe someone decided once to try it and it became a tradition? Maybe someone will fill me in! Arnie Hrncir invites the community down to his place for the festivities. Ryan Cote and his father in law prepared one of the totaled camp vehicles by removing anything of value and taking all the glass out of it. Then they got it running enough to propel itself over the cliff. Those are people standing up on the cliff edge for perspective.

It was necessary to take a peek at the car after it got to the bottom. Doug, Austin and Randall Theissen and Molly Althens check it out.

I even took video of the car going over for ya'll!

After the car was launched, they moved on to shooting bowling balls out of a home made cannon. Here's the ball, the inside view of the cannon and below that is the view of the cannon after it blew the ball in a direction not intended. Arnie almost blew a hole through his river boat! They put sand under one side to "point" the cannon, but the wind was pretty strong today and it went quite a bit to one side. The second one they shot off landed much closer to where they were shooting for, but I think the first one gave Arnie enough of a scare that he didn't want to shoot off the third one!

And of course, video of the bowling/cannon ball. The video isn't all that great, but the commentary and sounds of the ball can be clearly heard.

Many in the community, including most of the camp counselors, were there to watch the goings on. Dorothy had her mare and colt there which was quite a thrill for many of the kids. The colt was quite sweet and let just about anyone pet him. Sergei took Dorothy's other mare off for a ride up the hill for a bit.

The dogs were a bit annoyed that we had left them home today so we took them for a quick boat ride when we got home.

Eider thinks the spray is something he should catch for some reason. Not a great picture, but it shows how far over the edge he has to reach to try to catch the spray!

It was a gorgeous day today though and I couldn't resist a picture of Victory Peak and then the hill toward Hick's Creek behind our house too.

This is how Eider the Dufus sleeps.

And I couldn't help but toss in a picture of an iris down by the lake on a rainy day this past week. We're so thankful for the rain after the dry spring we had!

We've been trying to do some short day hikes and since it was a beautiful day last Sunday, we decided to take a hike up Lion's Head after church. It isn't a long hike, or all that difficult, but it is quite steep and with temperatures in the 70s, brilliant sunshine on our backs and no wind on that side of the mountain, it was downright HOT! This rock wall gives a good indication of how steep it was.
There were so many pretty wildflowers blooming! Below are Jacob's Ladder with Bluebells and Dogwood below that.

It didn't take long for the scenery to become AMAZING!

By this point I had seriously overheated so we cut my pants off to make shorts and used the leg pieces to tie my hair up. The heavy black shirt didn't help! It was soooooo worth it though! I'll just let the pictures do the talking for the rest of the post. Not much else to say with such beauty!

This is actually taken from the road afterward, but is one of my favorite views of the glacier and the mountains behind it.

And I'll end with another in the ever changing view of the mountain out our front window!

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