Monday, June 6, 2011

Glorious summer!

Summer is certainly upon us. Counselors have started orientation and the first campers will come in on Saturday. The weather has been absolutely fantastic save one brutally hot day where it hit at least 80 here at camp and at least 84 in the valley where of course we got stuck in construction. It has been so dry though that we actually had a small forest fire this past week when someone didn't properly put out a campfire. It was caught early and put out quickly so thankfully there wasn't much damage. The boys found it fascinating watching the helicopter go suck water out of a nearby lake and then dump it on the fire. With the short growing season here, everything must take advantage of the sun and GROW! Tons of flowers out now. Pictured are water lilies, lupines, Lady Slippers and Forget-Me-Nots. I wish I could figure out how I got such great color on that lily shot!

We've been blessed to see a lot of waterfowl on the lake this spring/summer. This Oldsquaw was an interesting one we'd never seen before.

The muskrats aren't waterfowl, but they are another entertaining addition to the lake.

I woke up one morning to find Mrs. Barrows Goldeneye standing on the buoy out front.

A few days later Mr. Goldeneye had two females to woo.

The swans seem to have a nest in the cove across from the house. You can barely see one of them in the lower left corner of the picture.

We took the boat out today to get some things on the other side and as I was taking pictures of the swans, I realized there was a moose right behind them. As we got closer I realized that there were two babies with mama moose! I wish these pictures had come out clearer but I was using the maximum zoom on a moving boat.

Can you see the two sets of ears on the baby?

When we came back the swans were back in their cove and another mama moose with just one baby came out of the trees. I've mentioned before that the moose come into camp to have their babies in safety because they know the bears won't come into camp. Rodney saw a hopeful grizzly up towards Victory Peak the other morning but that was before there were so many people in camp.
Mr. Loon was in the cove beyond our house this morning so we wonder if Mrs. Loon isn't sitting on a nest nearby.
Rodney and the kids put the pontoon boat back together this past week.

The sunbabing beach babes enjoyed the beautiful day.

It's hard to work on such a beautiful day with such a beautiful view.

Rodney and Andrei decked the boat yesterday and of course Ellie and Eider had to go for a spin today too.
There were some clouds hanging over Victory Peak earlier but they are starting to clear off for another beautiful day!

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  1. That lily picture is AMAZING!! All of the pictures are great!


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