Sunday, March 6, 2011

A busy week post

What happens when I'm REALLY busy? I post pictures! :) Hey, I go with what works! Besides, no one ever complains when I post a bunch of pictures! First is Dufus, aka Eider. He snores too.

The teen's youth group had a formal dinner - Trayton, Oksana & Ali.

Carlen & Andrei were trying to look stern, but it took them a while to put on "the face." Personally, I like this one best:

It was REALLY windy this day so the mountains were all hazy, yet the sky was as blue as could be. Just an interesting twist on the normal scene!

Sunrise. I was too slow to catch the streak of red straight up into the sky!

I spend a lot of time on the road these days - 3 days on a normal week now. Fortunately the scenery is AWESOME! The Matanuska Glacier:

River ice - this doesn't quite catch the glacier blue of it, or the bucks and slides of the ice.

Another night I came home and mixed in with the glacier ice blue were sunset reds, pinks and oranges.
The men recently went out camping on their annual Mountain Man week. This past weekend was the family camping weekend and there may yet be a teen girl camp out next weekend. Here are a few pics from the family weekend:

The tent Rodney snagged off a military auction site - VERY cozy warm! It has the outer layer plus an insulated inner layer. Snow around the edges so the wind doesn't blow in. It was quite warm in there this afternoon with the sun shining on it even without the wood stove going.

Inside - Ryan Cote built the wood stove with a nice level surface for cooking. He and his family stayed out there this weekend. Thick foam mattresses for sleeping keep you off the cold floor. Some tents had bunks to keep people up where the warmth was.

Rough scenery out there too. Somebody's got to look at it! ;)

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  1. Daphne
    If a picture says a 1000 words then you were actually verbose in this blog. A good one.


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