Saturday, January 15, 2011

Off to Florida

Sorry so long without a post and this one will be pretty quick again. It's been a long month and getting longer. I had the flu and of course my immune system seems to think it needs to over-react to everything so it really hit me hard. While I was here with the throwing up flu, my dad in FL had a bronchial type flu we think. It's still not clear exactly what is going on but it turned into pneumonia which didn't respond to the first round (or second, maybe even third) of antibiotics. He ended up in the hospital on New Years Day the first time but I've lost track of when the second and third trips to the ER occurred. The third time they kept him and he's still there in the ICU battling the illness(es). My brother was able to go down to help out and has been there most of this week. I'll be leaving tomorrow morning to go down for two weeks to help my mom. I'll try to come up with a cohesive story eventually but for now it's just survival.

Our water froze up last night with temperatures at -20 and not much snow on the ground yet so we're now on the backup water system. I'm afraid I won't be around to see how that goes. I'm sure it will take some work to get the system to work smoothly. I should have wi-fi in the hospital so I should be able to keep in touch pretty well. Florida and I don't get along that well so this should be interesting.

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Morning commute

Morning commute