Thursday, December 9, 2010

First round of State Volleyball championships

We drove in to Anchorage today for the State Mixed 6 Volleyball championships. For the first time that I can remember Palmer was 10 degrees colder than we were up in the mountains! It was a spectacular day though - clear and cool with brilliant sunshine! Palmer was jaw droppingly magical today. Everything was sparkling white. The Matanuska River is still flowing so when it is this cold, it really evaporates a lot. The entire valley was a winter wonderland of frost so thick you couldn't even see the branches! It was beautiful! No, I didn't take any pictures. We were a bit focused on getting to our destination. Besides, it was 2 degrees down there! I didn't really feel like freezing my fingers! Actually, it was a good thing we didn't stop. It took us a bit longer to get to the school than we thought, then it took some time to figure out where at the school we needed to be. We weren't late, but we weren't early either.

The kids played very well! They held together as a team and were very consistent in their play. Bump, set, spike. Bump, set, spike. Their coaches have taught them well! They fought pretty hard the first game against Golovin, winning 25-17. In the next game they just kept right on smashing away, winning 25-15. Golovin pulled ahead a bit at the beginning of the third game, but Glacier View came back and won 25-11. Once Glacier View pulled past them, they sort of gave up and just let our guys beat them. That was a bit disappointing, but we were thrilled that the kids won in only three games! Golovin was second in the state for the last few years. Tomorrow afternoon at 1:30 they play Tikigaq which has won the state championship four out of the last five years? I'll check on that detail later. Anyway, we're going to hang about Anchorage for a few days - shopping, watching volleyball, eating, etc. I'll let you know tomorrow night how things go. We may go out to dinner tomorrow though, so it may be a bit later. You can actually watch the action live through the following link: You can watch via Skype chat (I've never tried that, but it sounds interesting) or live streaming. Our connection here at the hotel isn't fast enough for the live streaming, but some were using it in our community (dsl) before we came here this weekend so hopefully it will work for those who would like to watch!

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