Friday, September 24, 2010

REALLY quick post

Seriously, a REALLY quick one! My computer is partly fixed with a new hard drive but it goes in again for a new keyboard, touchpad, motherboard, palm rest and hinge cover on Monday. I am only minimally updating things until that job is done so I still don't have my pictures on here yet. We ended up putting Eider on prednisone despite most vets saying it wouldn't help. The situation was so bad we HAD to try. The good news is that it DID help! He's still not able to drink on his own, but he can eat on his own now if I put it on a raised surface. That helps a LOT! And the last little detail for this post is that we're now looking for someone with a truck to haul our trailer from NY to Ohio, about 2 hours south of Cleveland I believe. Marlin Beachy, the pastor who just retired from the church out here, has family there and is currently in Ohio. The camp has a van that will be delivered from Michigan to Ohio and Marlin will drive them both out to Alaska in the middle of October. Oh, one more little detail, Annie will be following him up!!!!! We are VERY happy to have Annie coming back and I know she'd appreciate prayer for safe travel and for a job and place to live once she gets here!

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Morning commute

Morning commute