Sunday, July 18, 2010

Another Photo Journal Entry

It has been another couple of hectic weeks so once again I'm going to wimp out and let the pictures tell the story. We've had a number of new work groups in camp, many of them of Dutch descent from Michigan, where Marv DenBlyker was originally from. Marv, who is almost 80, has been around camp probably longer than anyone and is still part time staff. These teams have again been a lot of fun. Scott, Heather, Jennie and Dawn put the roof on our back shed. Those girls were great roofers!

We try to have each of the teams out for desert. That would be pie. Somehow they all know that pie is on the menu before they ever get here. I'm not sure how that happens. Rhubarb is the favorite for some reason. Rhubarb is like a weed here and grows ALL summer long so we get tired of it, but apparently no one from "outside" does so it is REQUIRED for each group that comes.
Rodney and Gordon (another camp regular, a welder and plumber) spearheaded work on a hot water loop to heat the space under the house and the pelton wheel/battery house. The old loop through the wood stove was completely plugged so Gordon built a new one and Rodney installed it.
Purty, isn't it?
Gordon hooks up the loop to the rest of the system, while eating pie. ;) Gordon is an ex-navy nuke so we had a lot to talk about while he worked!

Sergei and Andrei taught Annie to split wood.

So then Annie tried it out.

Rodney got a "new" boat from the pastor here. Can you tell that he is happy? It is nice and deep and solid.
So we had to take a test run to appreciate how sweet it is.

And being Dutch-ish, there is a lot of card playing going on here. Waitaminute. Not ONE of those pictured here is Dutch! How'd that happen?????

And another scenic picture for good measure. That mountain looks different every time you look at it!

The next three weeks will be even more hectic than ever. Between home school preparations for Oksana, potluck dinners for the pastor candidate, another double-booked work team (27 people), staff appreciation dinner for the people who have worked here this summer (I get to make pie for 120), and trying to fit in people for dinner before they leave for the summer, it is going to be CRAZY! Basically I'll be making a lot of pies and dinner and then cleaning up. Next time you see me I'll be tired. Wait, I'm tired now. Next time you see me I'll be REALLY tired! I'm also into my second week of a cold that just seems to keep getting worse. I'm hoping it doesn't turn into pneumonia, but it isn't promising. This is NOT the time to be sick! Ugh!

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  1. Hang in there girl!! (But really, pie for 120???!!!!! UGH!!!!) So sorry you've had a cold for so long . . . it really is the wrong time of year to be getting pneumonia . . . I'll pray that it doesn't turn into that! Miss y'all!!!


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