Saturday, February 13, 2010

The pictures to go with the last post

This is the MANifold (with a GREAT deal of emphasis on the MAN). Not sure why I had to take a picture of it, but there it is. Maybe the guys will appreciate this one more than I do. That hole beside his head is where all the pipes go from the pit into the house.

Once again, the doorway to the pit. At least in this picture you can REALLY see the door that fell on Rodney's hand. That's Matt in the camo pants. Matt did all our gas lines and now he's learning plumbing from Rodney.

The hand. The middle and ring fingers are still pretty swollen. I'm thinking the black and blue will show up better when the swelling goes down.

Sergei on his loaner snow machine.

Rodney on his new toy, I mean tool! The sled for the snow machine is up against the porch. He'll use that for hauling fire wood and stuff like that.

And they're off to start grooming the cross country ski trails for the group that is coming in this weekend. They also groom them for the "Becoming an Outdoor Woman" weekend coming up. That's a pretty big weekend at camp.

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Morning commute

Morning commute