Monday, December 14, 2009

School band concert videos

Let me preface this by stating that I do NOT expect everyone to watch the videos. These are primarily posted for grandparents. We all know that grandparents will need to watch ALL the videos and will think their grandchildren were absolutely amazing! That's what grandparents are for! For the rest of you souls brave enough to give the videos a try, we'll blame the camera for poor sound quality and the camera woman for the jumping around (sorry, it was just a pocket camera with no way to stabilize it and my arms got REALLY tired). Seriously, it did seem to sound better in person, but then again, that may be parental bias speaking ;) It was WAY COOL to see almost the entire community turn out to watch! If you want to watch just one or two, I'd suggest #s 40 (band - Sergei behind the drummer on percussion, Andrei on piano, Oksana on violin) and 38 (singing group - Sergei far left). I think the camera battery died at the end of 39 and fortunately for ya'll, #41 is lost in cyber space ;)









  1. I think my grand kids were absolutely amazing. I really liked the way Andrei got into it with his sleeves rolled up and ready to rock. Sergei should move his lips when he is pretending to sing, "I always did". Oksana you are a doll couldn't pick out the superior violin but I could tell you were the best violinist there.
    Love you guys!!

  2. What did the school ever do with out the Mays kids?? Good thing you moved when you did . . . looks like they really needed percussion, piano and violin 'players'. I was sooooo proud of Andrei . . . he looked really comfortable at the piano. Way to go!!!! :-)


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